The ‘Right Track’ is a 4-week programme that provides young people with strategies to increase resilience and overall wellbeing including topics such as healthy lifestyles, mindfulness, communication and relationships with family and friends. These tools are the tools required to deal with difficult situations in life and we have found feedback for this programme to be really positive.

“I think the sessions really helped me know how I should cope in certain situations. It made me realise I should start to talk more to my family about anything that is bothering me.”

“The sessions made me very thoughtful. At first, I was scared to go in but I felt comfortable and welcomed after. The staff cared a lot about us and what we had to say. They made me enjoy it.”

“I liked the sessions as we spoke about how to deal with our thoughts: it taught me what I should do to be happy spiritually, physically and mentally.”

“I liked the community that surrounded this programme: it was welcoming and allowed me to learn. It gave me a new motivation to talk to my family and sparked a new level in our relationships.”