Right Track

The ‘Right Track’ is a 4-week programme that provides young people with strategies to increase resilience and overall wellbeing including topics such as healthy lifestyles, mindfulness, communication and relationships with family and friends. These tools are the tools required to deal with difficult situations in life and we have found feedback for this programme to be really positive.

Your Space

‘Your Space’ is a monthly youth group offering fun activities, advice and guidance. The main aim is to be a positive, relaxed space with activities based on the young people’s interests and preferences. This runs on the first Friday of the month at Matthew’s Yard in Croydon from 7-9pm.

Right Track Croydon School Programme

Right Track Croydon School Programme is a 3 session programme, taking place in schools.  This is funded by Croydon Council’s Community Fund to support wellbeing and emotional resilience for students aged 8+.  This is offered to Croydon Primaries and Secondaries.  Follow on support also includes a 6 session ‘befriender’ scheme to build confidence and resilience in young people one-to-one in the community.  

Advice and Information

Parents are welcome to meet members of the team and other parents who are accessing our group programmes whilst they wait for their child or young person.

We also offer advice on financial benefits available to families.